33 Ways to Make Yourself Feelgood Right Now

33 Ways to Make Yourself Feelgood Right Now

Aren't we all looking for ways to be JUST HAPPY? We all wish there was a magic wand to take us to that happy place to feel good with a simple wave of a hand. Till then, here are a few 25 ways to feel good within the next few minutes. 


1. Smile!

Yes, it's that simple. Force a smile even if you are feeling not so good right now. Studies have shown just the act of a simple smile can boost your feelgood endorphins.  Do it now!: Try it, smile now, and feel good now.


2. Straighten up your body!

Your Momma was right! Sit up straight! With devices strapped to our bodies and staying hunched over, computers can strain your neck and back muscles, making you feel not so good. Our posture can change how we feel. So, get up and straighten up now and feel the difference.


3. Take 5 deep breaths.

With our busy lives, we have forgotten how to breathe properly. Light, fast breaths do keep you well-oxygenated, increasing tiredness and lightheartedness. Remind yourself to take deep breaths to rejoice in it. Do it now! take a slow breath in for 3 seconds, hold for 3 seconds, and exhale slowly for 3 seconds and repeat 5 times


4. Shut Eyes for 5 minutes  

Set up a timer, close your eyes and focus on a single happy thought. Do it now! Close your eyes now and imagine you are sitting on a beach the listen to the waves.


5. Get up and get moving.

Sitting in one place for too long can be tiring on your body. If you can, just get up and walk within your home. If moving is hard for you, move your limbs. Just get moving! Do it now! Just take 100 steps inside your home.


6. Go outside for a brisk walk.

Breathing in the fresh air always boots your mood. Walk for 20 minutes if you can. Do it now! Go on, get moving now, and feel good.


7. Open a window 

Keeping our windows shut can trap dust particles indoors and, overtime, make your home air stale. Open a window now and get some fresh air in. Even if it's in the middle of winter, open your window for a few minutes, just to get some fresh air. You will be pleasantly surprised by how refreshing it can be. Do it now! Let the fresh air in!


8. Drink a glass of water. 

Most of us are so busy with day to day life, we forget to hydrate ourselves. You will not realize you are dehydrated, instead, you will not feel good. Do it now! Drink up fresh, clean water and feel good.


9. Take a quick shower or soak in if you can. 

Feeling tired and not so good? Jump in the shower or soak in a bathtub and add some essential oils. Do it now! Rubber duckie, here I come!


10. Light a candle with your favorite scent or burn some essential oils. 

Here's a list of great incense burners and aromatic candles. These scented candles with aromatherapy properties will lift your mood and spread positivity in your home.


11. Listen to feel good music.

Music will uplift your mood. Do it now! Listen to our curated feel good tunes.


12. Watch a good ole comedy 

Laughter makes us all feel good. What a great way to feel good! Do it now! Check out our list of feel good movies, and LOL!


13. Read a Feelgood book.

Read a feel good book.


14. Clean out a messy place in your home in 15 minutes.

This may not be for everyone. I find there's nothing more satisfying than cleaning up that medicine cabinet that's been bugging me for months! Do it now! Clean your medicine cabinet! And remember to listen to feel good music while you are at it!


15. Eat a fruit.

Eating a banana will give you a quick boost. It contains the amino acid tryptophan, vitamins A, B6, and C, fiber, potassium, phosphorous, iron, and carbohydrate. Banana, a mood-boosting carbohydrate, helps absorb tryptophan in the brain, while vitamin B6 helps convert the tryptophan into the mood-lifting hormone serotonin.


16. Paint your nails.

Ladies, get your nail polish out. Worn out nail polish on your toes can look and feel tired. Remove the chipped nail-polish, and give it a fresh coat or make a dash to the nearest Nail salon. And of course, the Gentlemen, you will be surprised how good it makes you feel to have your nails trimmed and polished to a shine! Do it now! Paint your nails and share before and after images with your Feelgood community, and encourage a Feelgood Amigo to feelgood today.


17. Refresh your hair color. 

Got gray roots? Give it a quick make-over at home or make an appointment with your hairdresser. Looking at your best always makes your feelgood. Do it now! Refresh your hair color and share before and after images with your Feelgood community, and encourage a Feelgood Amigo to feelgood today.


18. Shave and Trim Your Beard. 

Feeling stubbly lately? A quick shave will always make you feel good. Do it now! Shave now and share before and after images with your Feelgood community, and encourage a Feelgood Amigo to feelgood today.


19. Use a Face Mask or give it a good scrub. 

Removing dead skin from your face and applying a face mask will surely make you feel good. These are our Feelgood masks and face scrubs.


20. Change your bed sheets and towels. 

There's nothing more inviting and than fresh towels and fresh bed sheets. It may sound mundane, but this little act of changing bed sheets and towels is guaranteed to make you feel good when you sink your face into a fresh towel and jump into your bed.


21. Write 3 positive things every day. 

We human beings tend to focus on the negativity in our lives and forget the good in our lives. Make it a habit to write 3 positive things every day. Positive re-enforcement will always make you feel more optimistic about life. 


22. Send a "Thank you" note. 

No matter how overdue it is, just get it done now. Saying "Thank you" to someone will always make you feel good about yourself.


23. Send a Love Note. 

Make someone else feel good by sending a little note. Hand write or email. Making another person feel good will always make you good. 


24. Call a Friend 

With our busy schedule, we easily forget to call a friend or a relative. Pick up your phone and call or text someone now.


25. Let it go...let it go... 

Elsa, you couldn't have said it better! Holding on to negativity is allowing it to hurt you continuously. Take that power away from it or that person by letting it go. Say to yourself, I forgive you, and I am letting you go. Detaching yourself from the past negativity will lift a heavy feeling from your heart and make you feel good.


26. Be a great listener. 

Having a meaningful conversation with a person will improve your ability to feel good. 


27. Help someone else. 

Helping someone else in your life. Helping and feeling wanted positively is guaranteed to make you feel good. 


28. Make a donation. 

You don't have to be a billionaire to make a difference in someone else's life. Buy a homeless person a cup of coffee or donate some food to a food bank. Giving always makes you feel good.


29. Spread kindness. 

Open the door, give up your seat when riding a bus, help someone carry his or her grocery, give up your place in a lineup to a person behind you. These are simple acts of kindness that will reward you with tons of Feelgood!


30. Stop comparing your life with others. 

Comparing your life your friends lives on Facebook and frequently visiting Facebook may add more stress to your life. People tend to post only the best face and unnatural selfies. Even the most unhappy families and will always post happy family pictures on Facebook. A study published in the Current Opinion in Psychology, the June 2016 issue found that envying your friends on Facebook can lead to depression. Scrolling through vacation photos and beautiful family pictured made participants compare their lives with those of their Facebook friends. Log out and be thankful, and appreciate the little things in your life.


31. Always Think Positive. 

Constantly reminding yourself to think positively and mindfully pushing away any negative thoughts will make you feel good. Make it a habit. Force yourself to snap out of it. Remind and say to yourself, "I am happy, I am content, I am grateful", even if you are in a challenging time in your life.


32. Be Grateful. 

No matter how challenging things may seem right now, remind yourself of the little things in your life you can be grateful for.


33. Look at feelgood pictures. 

Finally, we leave you with our library of feel good images we have curated for you. Seeing something beautiful and cute will make us smile and feel good. 


Go on, make a conscious commitment to yourself to feelgood every day.

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feel good picture of a cat licking its foot


feel good picture of a tiny puppy in a tea cup


Little boy playing with his soft toy, teddy bear



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